Terje rypdal - after the rain

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I like to sleep specialises in heavy riffs, extensive improvisation pushed to its limits, and well-written melodies – a style labelled “Powerjazz”.

by Marc S. Tucker
(September 2006)

Perhaps the most overlooked guitarist in the invisible Catalogue of All Things Progressive, Terje (commonly anglicized as "Terrie" though it's properly pronounced "Ter-yuh," or so I'm informed by those hailing from the region) Rypdal is prolific and perfectly at home in the progressive alley, though chiefly ignored there. Here was a guy inescapably destined for musicianhood. His father was a devoted clarinetist and, as a child, Rypdal started out on piano, switched to trumpet, then went on to gui... View artist profile Related artists András Schiff Bugge Wesseltoft Jan Garbarek Keith Jarrett Miles Davis The Hilliard Ensemble Various Artists Feeds

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Terje Rypdal - After The RainTerje Rypdal - After The RainTerje Rypdal - After The RainTerje Rypdal - After The Rain